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Two Little Colts by notaguitarfret Two Little Colts by notaguitarfret
The gym was filled with fillies and colts.

Thunderclap wasn't used to so many different types of ponies. Being from Cloudsdale, he was used to pegasi, and only pegasi and pegasus excersize. But here in Ponyville, things were a lot different. It was pretty damn overwhelming.

He could see earth ponies use their strength on dumbbells and punching bags, while unicorns would preform acrobatic skills with their lean body build. Of course, there were pegasi here as well, but he didn't know any of them. None of them had come up to him, and he dared not go up to them.

This was merely his third day here, so obviously he had found no one who he could talk to. They all seemed set. They all found their friendship groups a long time ago.

He didn't fit in anyway.

He let out a gasp as he dropped onto the floor, his wings aching from the amount of wing-push-ups he had done. He wiped the beads of sweat off of his forehead, before standing up and plodding over to the side of the room, out of harm's way from other foals.

He stared at the other ponies as they preformed their own routines - some on a treadmill, some on a trampoline. All of them looked like they were enjoying themselves, either being cheered on by others or having a casual conversation.

He couldn't do that. He wasn't here for that.

Not that it would matter if he was.

He sat down and ruffled his wings, allowing his tiredness to seep away so he could move onto the next activity, whatever that would be. Whatever else didn't already have a pony on it, he supposed.


His ears perked at the sound of another pony. His eyes darted left to right, searching for who had spoken. As he whipped his head around, he saw a creamy-yellow coloured cold with messy hair that almost covered one of his red-rose eyes. He was surprised to see that those eyes were looking right into his own.

"Hello?" He blinked a few times. "What do you need?"

He could tell the colt was nervous. He had one foreleg and one hindleg lifted off of the ground, and refused to put them down.

"I... uhm..." he stammered. "I was just going to ask you your name."

Thunderclap hadn't expected that. He'd expected for him to maybe ask where the bathroom was, or why his mane was so fricking long.

"Thunderclap," he replied, before his mind rushed into thinking what to say next. What would be polite? "Uh... what's yours?"

The colt's eyes widened a little. "M-mine? I'm Lightwing." His wings fluttered a little. "It fits, considering I have such small wings."

Thunderclap arched a brow, before tilting his head to the side to peek at his wings. Lightwing was right - they were smaller than the average pegasus.

"Oh. Cool." Um, no, having small wings wasn't cool. "I- um, I mean, aww."

Lightwing just chuckled, to his relief. "Oh, it's fine. I'm used to having small wings. Besides-" He then buzzed his wings rapidly, until he eventually was lifted off of the ground. "-It doesn't stop me from flying!" By the way he was biting his lip, Thunder could tell he was straining to stay airborne.

"That's cool, I thought it would be really difficult to fly with tiny wings." He smiled thoughtfully. Lightwing smiled bacj, before dropping onto the ground again.

"Oh, it is! That's why I'm here, actually." He glanced around the gym. "My dad works here. He had pretty small wings too, so he teaches me how to build up the muscle in them."

His dad worked here? And he has small wings?

"Is your dad Coach Bulk?" he asked. Lightwing nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah! That's him."

"Really?" Thunderclap stood up, intruiged. "That's awesome. I guess that means your mom is Fluttershy, right?" His amber eyes lit up. "Hasn't she saved Equestria like... a dozen times?"

He nodded again. "Yeah, I love my parents. They're both awesome!" His smile widened. "Anyway, I came up to you because I didn't recognize you, so I assumed you're new."

Thunder drew circles on the floor with his hoof. "Oh, yeah. I have been here a couple of times before, though. I guess you just didn't see me."

Suddenly, Lightwing looked at him guiltily. "I... actually did notice you. I'm just really bad at approaching ponies..." He blushed. "Sorry."

Thunderclap offered an empathetic look. "It's fine. There's a reason why I haven't made any friends yet." His ears drooped.

Lightwing pouted. "So, we're both shy?"

"I'm not so bad back in Cloudsdale. Ponyville is just really..."

"Friendly?" he finished for him.

"Yeah. And different."

"I get you."

The two were silent for a moment.

"...I've never actually been to Cloudsdale," Lightwing stated gingerly. "What's it like up there?"

Thunderclap grinned. "Oh! Well, for starters, everything's made out of clouds..."


I'm re-writing how Thunderclap meets Lightwing and Hurricane Wind. I have something big planned for them all, so if you wanna try and guess just what that is, go ahead.



I haven't been in a great mood until today, since I just found out we may be getting a new dog, at last. If we do, my life will be back on track and I'll be able to draw and write properly once again~
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This is amazing I love this line here :clap:
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